This is the theme of the exhibition proposal that super industrious Nat Acton has put together for consideration for 2015 that will include myself, Nat and two other very crafty and talented ladies. I have been taking photos along my morning and afternoon Bruce walks and then using eyedropper tool in photoshop elements to select colours out of the photos. I am hoping to try to make glazes in these colours so that my pots are a reflection of the local coastal colour palette. For the exhibition I will take a range of photos in the Freo area since that is where we are hoping the hold the exhibition.

Glaze test results to follow next week.

moody sound day colours dune flora colours Bruised cloud colours pathside debri colours

Over the weekend I really gave my studio a good tidy out and got onto google and immersed myself in the work of a whole load of lovely successful potters. I am feeling really inspired to start experimenting with a new style and really focus on function and form. I have been feeling reluctant to continue with my print on clay style and my thoughts have been on simpler finishing that really relies on the form being the most important aspect. Simple softly stained clear over a range of different pottery bodies. More rustic and pared back. I printed out some photos of my pots and some beautiful work of potters who I admire and stuck them up around my studio to inspire me. it is the long weekend this weekend and hopefully I will get a few good blocks of time in there trying out new shapes.

Since moving house and studio earlier this year I have not felt very connected to the new studio space after my last one that was light and bright. I posted these snaps on instagram and had a few friends mention how jelous they were that I have a studio at home. Goodness me, what a reality check! I really am so lucky and should not have felt so ungrateful about the new space. As you can see from the photos, it really is a functional space with everything that a hobby pottery needs.

IMG_6755 IMG_6757 IMG_6756

image image

The weather has turned wintery which means much slower drying time on my pots. In a way this is good because my pots don’t dry out during the week when I am too busy with school to get into the studio. On the other hand, it means that I might not have a kiln full of dry pots by Sunday which is when I was hoping to set off the bisque fire to get my Mood Indigo pots finished in time for the exhibition. But lying here snuggled up in bed listening to the howling wind and the tumbling surf is really very lovely so no complaints about winter here. Thankfully I have a fast kiln a week and a half to get it all done. Happy weekend!

I have recently been very inspired by an artist called Lisa Naples who creates illustrated pots in earthenware. She fires slightly higher than what I thought was possible and this makes her pots much more durable and suited to a hard working kitchen.

My first firing went well, but either I had air bubbles in the rims or the pots were too wet from being glazed and plonked in the kiln, and they cracked. Hopefully my second batch will have better luck. I will try some rimless ones as well. I prefer the look of the thick rim but it is time consuming and not very even. I think I could get a more uniform look if I take to the rims with a sur-form. Since it is nearly holidays I might try throwing with the terracotta as well.

P1030072 IMG_5919 IMG_5916 - Copy


image In January of this year we sold our light and airy little cottage with wonderful gardens and a few suspicious leaks and damp spots, for a 1970′s suburban dream complete with exposed klinker brick internal walls and arches and grey sand for gardens (photos to follow!) For now we have moved in, planted a few fruit trees, popped in a swimming pool sized pond and hooked up the kiln. But we have plans! Lots and lots of plans. When I say WE I mean me. But since I am a bit of a do’er they will happen! I am sure of it. As we make changes I will post a few of the nicer ones.

In the mean time I am struggling to get the hang of the light and space in the new workshop and trying to slowly get back some sort of rhythm of production. Perhaps if I aim to post updates once a week, that might keep me a bit more on track and encourage me to get back into more regular studio hours. The kiln is being serviced next week so that will be good to know that it is all running safely and is happy in her new home.

Happy long weekend! x